Jaguar Land Rover “to Join Forces” with WMG

By Graham Stevenson, Imperial College London


WMG at the university of Warwick has been awarded £5.7 million by the EPSRC in order to form a partnership with the company. Furthermore, Jaguar will be supplementing this with a matching amount of their own through cash or contributions, as well as further funding through the university. This represents a crucial step in the commercialisation and implementation of electric vehicles, and helps improve their credibility.

WMG’s Professor Barbara Shollock said:

“This prosperity partnership will tackle the emerging challenges for vehicle electrification through a unique collaboration to grow scientific understanding. This integrated approach brings the potential for the UK to lead, both industrially and scientifically, in an area of high growth and relevance in the UK’s industrial strategy. Our shared vision is to create new scientific insights to underpin the Automotive Council’s electrification agenda, from batteries and power electronics to electric motors and electric drive units.”

Further information can be found here and here.