Oxis Energy Li-S Batteries

Written by Graham Stevenson, Imperial College London


OXIS Energy Logo



Oxis Energy, a company specialising in next generation energy storage technologies, has recently established a Li-S testing facility in Abingdon, England.

Oxis Energy have been pioneering Li-S research in recent years and have been said to be “powering the revolution in transportation”. Using their pioneering Li-S technology, with a theoretical energy density up to 5 times that of Li-ion, the new facility will enable Oxis to carry out comprehensive tests for their technologies for a wide variety of applications.

Ruth Davies, Programme Manager at OXIS Energy added “Our objective is to develop a significant presence in overseas markets; exporting our products is a key strategic imperative. The Test centre will enable us to make best use of our highly skilled test team and extensive testing equipment. It will also enable us to employ highly skilled personnel over the next three years as OXIS expands.”

Oxis is currently holding 33 patent families, with 100 patents currently granted and 103 pending. The focus of Oxis is on creating environmentally friendly energy storage devices for a wide variety of uses. Their new testing facility in Abingdon will allow them to do this.