Plan to replace UK coal power station with natural gas and 200 MW of batteries

The coal-fired Drax Power Station in North Yorkshire could be enhanced by the addition of a 200 MW battery energy storage extension, in a plan to extend its operational lifetime and enhance its flexible and responsive capability.

The UK power company Drax, predominantly a biomass-fuelled generator, has given notice to the Planning Inspectorate of its intention to consult on long-term options that would include building the battery at Drax Power Station alongside plans for 3.6GW of new gas generation capacity.

The plans, which would also see two coal units repowered to gas, are subject to a positive investment decision and would need to be underpinned by a 15-year capacity market contract.


If it goes ahead, the development will help to keep energy costs low and ease the phase-out of coal, providing much-needed grid support services as further coal-fired stations go offline.

Andy Koss, chief executive of Drax Power, said: “We are at the start of the planning process but if developed these options for gas and battery storage show how Drax could upgrade our existing infrastructure to provide capacity, stability and essential grid services, as we do with biomass. This would continue to keep costs low for consumers and help to deliver Government’s commitment to remove coal from the UK grid.

“Drax Power Station is a national asset and a significant driver of economic growth in the North of England. These options could repurpose up to two of our coal assets and extend their operation into the 2030s.”

Source article: Energy Storage News