REstore’s New Virtual Power Plant uses Tesla Powerpacks

Centrica Business Solutions’ flexibility provider REstore has launched a 32-megawatt virtual power plant (VPP) on the site of an old coal mine in Belgium’s only national park. The plant uses 18.2 MW/ 22 MWh Tesla Powerpacks connected to the distribution grid.

The project took six months from inception to operation; the battery installation took about five weeks. The VPP has been providing primary frequency regulation to the Belgian transmission system operator since April 2018 and stacking value with additional participation in the real-time balancing market.

A combination of fast response, flexible operation and intelligent software makes battery systems a good technology choice for frequency regulation. The Powerpacks can provide rapid power in response to changes in system frequency, considerably faster than fossil fuel plants are capable of, or offer longer-duration, more energy-intensive service for longer deviations in system frequency.

The 32-megawatt VPP is managed and bid into the market by REstore’s FlexPond patented technology, ensuring the provision of bidirectional flexibility. The plant can be easily expanded by adding more distributed devices.

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