2 x PDRA – 3D printed rechargeable Li-ion battery development


€37,221 to €44,266 p.a.

Two (2) postdoctoral research positions are available in 3D printed rechargeable Li-ion battery development and implementation into medical device technology.

The Smart Autonomous Multi Modal Sensors for Vital Signs Monitoring (SmartVista) project, funded by EU Horizon 2020 for 3 years, is to develop and demonstrate a next generation, cost-effective, smart multimodal sensing platform to reduce incidences of sudden death caused by cardiovascular disease. The key innovation in SmartVista is to integrate 1D/2D nanomaterials based sensors to monitor the heart, thermoelectric energy harvesters to extract energy from the body to power the system and printable battery systems to store this energy. Together these will result in a self-powered device that will autonomously monitor the electrocardiograph, respiratory flow, oxygen flow and temperature of the patient. The SmartVista platform enables wireless, real-time, continuous patient monitoring and delivers a seamless feed of patient data and will contribute to the EU vision of an Internet of Things for healthcare. A core element of the device is a 3D printed rechargeable battery, integrated as the outer casing of the device. The position requires a Li-ion battery researcher interested in pushing the boundaries of customizable shaped batteries by new materials formulation and 3D printing/additive manufacturing technologies at UCC, together with a consortium of European partners (Sweden, Germany, Ireland, France).

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