3 x PDRAs, Interfacial Degradation of Li-ion Batteries


£36,800 to £44,220 p.a.

Three Research Associate positions are available within the Department of Materials, Imperial College London to investigate degradation processes taking place in Li-ion battery materials. The positions will be focused on the development and application of in operando techniques and high resolution analysis allow simultaneous chemical and electrochemical analysis of battery interfaces. This work will be contributing to the effort of a large-scale consortium of experimentalist across the UK. You will be working with a team of academics, Dr Ainara Aguadero, Dr Ifan Stephens and Professor Mary Ryan. The individual positions will be based on: i) Surface analysis approaches (SIMS, LEIC), ii) correlative in situ nanoscale microscopy and iii) interaction of current collectors with system materials.

All posts have an underlying theme of understanding the nature of interfacial chemical degradation processes and their impact on Li-ion dynamics, and cell stability.

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