6 x PDRAs, Degradation Processes in EV Batteries


£25,728 – £30,688 or  £31,604 – £38,833 p.a.

Applications are invited for up to six experimental Research Assistant/ Research Associate positions available for 12 months within the UK-funded Faraday Institute.

The ‘Towards a Comprehensive Understanding of Degradation Processes in EV Batteries’ project will examine how environmental and internal battery stresses (such as high temperatures, charging and discharging rates) damage electric vehicle (EV) batteries over time. Results will include the optimisation of battery materials and cells to extend battery life (and hence EV range), reduce battery costs, and enhance battery safety.

Projects are available within the following areas:

(1) Evolution of the interface between conductive additives and active battery materials,

(2) In situ degradation studies of battery electrodes by Transmission Electron Microscopy,

(3) In– and Ex-situ studies of battery electrodes by Magnetometry and Electrical transport,

(4) In situ Raman Spectroscopy of Battery Materials and Degradation Mechanisms

(5) NMR and surface characterization of surface processes and degradation,

(6) Metal oxide deposition for high performance NMC-811.


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