National Grid: Future of balancing services consultation

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National Grid, Great Britain’s Electricity Transmission System Operator has published a 44 page interactive online consultation document giving information about National Grid’s view of the UK’s future system needs and to consult on how National Grid may best facilitate the evolution of future balancing services markets.

The Consultation sets out National Grid’s System Needs over the next five years and explains their view of what is needed to meet those needs. It goes on to ask the market for ideas on how to simplify and evolve the present balancing services systems. Chapter One considers System Inertia and Rate of Change of Frequency, Frequency Response, Reserve, Reactive Power and Black start. Chapter Two reflects on existing products, discusses possible simplification of existing markets and sets out a future vision.

The Consultation will report back in September 2017 when they will also set out a timeline to implement their proposed strategy.

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