PhD: High-energy Electrode Materials for Next-generation Batteries


Dr Graham Newton and Dr Darren Walsh

Energy Research Accelerator: The Energy Research Accelerator (ERA) is a cross-disciplinary energy hub, fostering business-academia collaboration to accelerate solutions to global energy challenges. It will provide new buildings, skilled people, jobs products and services to transform the energy sector. Building on existing programmes and academic expertise across the partnership, universities within ERA have committed over £2m for doctoral students for the ERA skills agenda. Through Innovate UK, the government has committed a capital investment of £60m, and ERA has secured private sector co-investment of £120m. ERA’s priorities of Geo-Energy Systems, Integrated Energy Systems and Thermal Energy will help deliver new technologies and behaviours, enabling ERA to have a transformative effect across the energy spectrum.

The Project: The aim is to develop a new generation of batteries that store more energy than conventional Li-ion batteries.

Lithium-ion battery technology has revolutionised the personal electronics market and has made some impact on the automotive market. However, Li-ion batteries cannot store enough energy for long driving ranges, so the development of more energy-dense batteries is required. In this project, you will develop novel redox mediators based on multinuclear metal complexes supported on advanced carbons. You will synthesise and characterise the materials using modern chemical methods and explore the electrochemical properties of the materials using electroanalytical methods. Finally, you will build laboratories batteries using the materials and compare their performances against those of state-of-the-art Li-ion batteries.

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