EngD: Automotive Lithium Ion Battery Diagnostics

This is a fantastic opportunity to work with WMG, University of Warwick, the foremost UK facility for battery innovation, research and development, in association with Millbrook,the leading UK vehicle testing facility for the design, engineering and development of automotive and test technology propulsion systems, with a customer base ranging across the automotive, transport, petrochemical and defence industries.

Lithium-ion batteries are seeing increasing utilisation for automotive energy storage. They are used on-board vehicles in a wide range of technological applications demanding higher capacity, high rate capability and extended cyclability, and there is an increasing need to further develop robust testing techniques and protocols. The key metrics for how these systems perform are energy capacity, specific power and life, with critical understanding required of how these change with age.

This studentship focuses on the diagnostics of electrochemical power devices, and how to use
techniques and best practise from battery research and translate this into large-scale commercial validation and development, progressing the latest advances in electrochemical performance testing, characterisation and certification for batteries.

Above closing date of 1st October is the advertised start date and if interested please follow details to contact WMG here.