EngD: Thermal investigation for automotive Lithium-ion batteries

Electrochemical power devices (such as Lithium-ion battery and supercapacitor technology) are ubiquitous for automotive energy storage. They are used on-board vehicles in a wide range of technological applications demanding higher capacity, high rate capability and extended cyclability. This project focuses on the investigation of thermal behaviour of Lithium-ion batteries. The project will look at how to replicate real world thermal conditions in rig-based battery pack / module / cell tests, including validation and characterisation of heating / cooling systems and their energy consumption, and how this translates into practical, robust testing methods and protocols for commercialisation. You will research into the effects of the vehicle and driving situations on the thermal behaviour of the battery pack, together thermal propagation and management at module and pack level. The research will include post-mortem analysis of batteries following thermal reaction, including abuse testing, and batteries disposal and recycling post-testing, and will also consider the relevant environment and Health & Safety processes to understand, predict and prevent dangerous thermal runaway situations.

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