Lectureship: Electrochemical Surface Science


Professor Harry Hoster, Director of Energy Lancaster (h.hoster@lancaster.ac.uk)

Electrochemical energy storage, involving batteries, electrolysers, and fuel cells, is the key enabling technology for the electricity grid of the future with its increasing share in renewables, and also for the electrification of transport. The research centre “Energy Lancaster” is an active member of the UK Faraday Institution and wants to broaden its bandwidth in Energy Storage research.

We want to expand our team by an expert in (electro-) chemical interface reactions. Such reactions are essential for the operation and durability of batteries, electrolysers, and fuel cells. We seek a candidate with experience in experimental studies at atomically smooth model electrodes. You are expected to  have a strong and growing international reputation, evidenced by publications in leading journals and collaboration with different groups inside and outside the UK. Experience in the direct collaboration with industry would also be welcomed. You will join a thriving community of energy storage and surface science researchers at Lancaster University in the Departments of Chemistry, Engineering, and Physics, and in the recently launched Materials Science Institute. We will grant full laboratory and equipment access in the Department of Chemistry, including an existing Ultrahigh Vacuum / Electrochemistry transfer system. You will also be able to draw upon Energy Lancaster’s local and global network of collaborators. Teaching duties (in the Department of Chemistry) will be very low in the first two years to allow for an efficient ramp-up of research infrastructure and team.

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