Li-Ion Battery Expert

About Solarbox:
Solarbox is an super early stage startup / project in stealth mode (pre-revenue). The core idea is to built an innovative, super
affordable and fantastic energy storage product that runs on used lithium-ion batteries. Thereby we want to bring down the
cost of energy storage dramatically in a highly carbon-friendly way (due to reuse) against any other existing storage
technology in the market today (especially lead-acid batteries). We do this especially for those communities who need
affordable energy most. The objective is to develop best in class and hyper efficient technologies and processes to reuse
batteries efficiently and at scale that otherwise get dumped, into landfill or recycled today. Over time we want to help others
globally to reuse batteries as well and share the technology. Since we started last year working on it in India, we have built a
prototype that runs on used lithium-ion batteries and is internet connected. We also tested 600+ used batteries, developed a
deep understanding of the technology, the ecosystem around it and commercial metrics. We are now at the stage where we
will move on to a pilot in India starting in September / October 2018 with two already identified partners and engineer the next
version of the prototype that will be tested in rural areas with households. Post that, we will move to final product ready to sell
end of 2019. A bunch of great Partners are helping us alongside, including the United Nations. We are looking for a
lithium-ion battery expert to join our team full time in Bangalore, India – ideally as a Co-Founder.

Whom we are looking for:
● You will be responsible in driving our entire battery engineering part end-to-end (with the help of excellent mentors)
● You have worked on Lithium-Ion batteries either from the chemical or electrical side (ideally both) and have a clear
understanding on how they work and love following the latest research on it
● You have an excellent technical acumen and able to pick things up quickly (we explore quite a few new frontiers, so
that’s important) + you love working with top notch research institutions
● You have a strong understanding on the latest research in the Lithium-Ion battery space (especially battery aging,
thermal characteristics, modelling techniques and more)
● We don’t care about backgrounds or degrees in general, but most probably you have a background in physics,
electrical- / mechanical- / chemical-engineering or nanoscience
● Preferably, completed Bachelor’s thesis or Master thesis in energy storage or Phd student in the field of
lithium ion batteries or electrochemical storage systems
● You are a highly data driven person and know to find the right set of insights from data.
● You are passionate and exciting about the long term impact we want to achieve, you love science & technology,
creative ideas and are able to act in a startup environment + you have not a big ego
● You should possess first hand experience in battery testing and pack development

What we can offer:
● A great and diverse team, who love technology and solving complex problems with impact
● An intellectually challenging, interesting and high-impact project with excellent growth opportunities
● Lot of freedom to bring in your own ideas (in your field and beyond), to explore and experiment
● A strong foundational work since we started last year on product, technology and commercials. We have a fantastic
opportunity to start this project and great partners supporting us
● A set-up that follows a lot of unconventional approaches on how it operates – it’s not boring
● Long term thinking and focus on solving a conceptual problem at scale + equity stakes in the company