PDRA – ALION Battery Project


£29,799 to £36,613 p.a


Dr Richard Wills

The project is to use experimental data and mathematical modelling to develop a dynamic model for the ALION battery with integration into a simulated renewable grid.

The battery module performance will be analysed when typical control strategies are working on the electric microgrid system. Two different configurations of the electric microgrid system will be put into practice:

  • Stand-alone mode: In this mode (off-grid), the electric microgrid system will work in an independent way, it means that the system will not be connected to another electrical grid, the consumption demand will mainly have to be met by the renewable energy generation and the stored energy (a back-up system could be considered).
  • Connected mode: With this configuration (grid-tied) the electric microgrid system will be able to receive/deliver energy from/to other electric grids (e.g.: a public electric grid). This option provides more control flexibility in the whole of the electric microgrid system.

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