PhD: 3D Printing of miniaturized devices from 2D material inks

We are inviting highly motivated candidates for an ERC-Consolidator grant 3DAddChip, funded PhD studentship in the exciting fields of 2D materials, 3D printing and energy storage. The qualified candidate will join a dynamic research team with a research focus on 2D materials, material design, energy applications in the department of Materials at Imperial College London.

Deterministic assembly of 2D materials in three-dimensional miniaturized structures is paramount for the fabrication of new small-scale devices to serve in on-chip technologies. This is a new manufacturing challenge, as miniaturization is currently developed to achieve planar-geometries. Three-dimensional printing allows templating materials with arbitrary complexity at different scales. The Mattevi group has developed a general strategy to formulate highly concentrated, water-based 2D material inks suitable for printing functional 3D architectures in miniaturized scales. This PhD studentship will develop more exciting opportunities offered by this approach. The qualified candidate will formulate new inks based on 2D materials suitable for printing three-dimensional architectures, mechanical robust and that can be used as energy storage devices. S/he will use advanced 3D printing, materials characterisation techniques and s/he will take part in the process of fabrication and test of electrochemical devices.

Further details and how to apply here.