PhD: Design of a Combined Energy Storage and Photovoltaic Energy System to Enhance Voltage Profile in Weak Power Grids

Energy storage is one of the technologies which will allow further integration of renewable energies and variable loads such as electric vehicles in the power system. This project is aimed at designing the components and the controls of a combined system including energy storage and photovoltaic units, with the objective to improve the operating characteristics of weakly-connected or isolated distribution systems through voltage regulation.

The project will be divided in two main tasks:

  • Component design: the first part of the project aims at identifying the optimal size and location of energy storage units along a distribution feeder which has a large amount of PV panels installed. The study will consider variable generation and load patterns, and include economic considerations to allow choosing the most appropriate battery technology and rating
  • Control system design: the second part of the project aims at developing the control system which allows regulating the power flow to and from the energy storage unit based on the power system operating conditions and the battery state of charge. In addition to the main control, ancillary services will be developed to improve grid operation, while minimizing the number of charges and discharge cycles which will affect battery life.

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