PhD: Developing Novel Concepts for Clean Power, Heat, and Hydrogen Production from Alternative Fuels

This fully funded PhD studentship in Clean Energy (EPSRC) is an opportunity for you to develop skills in techno-economic feasibility assessment of energy systems using the state-of-the-art commercial software. You will not only develop novel concepts for clean power, heat, and hydrogen production, but also will undergo an academic mentoring and development programme that will make you a well-rounded researcher.

Decarbonisation of the power, heat and industrial sectors is critical to meeting the Paris Agreement targets. Achieving this ambitious emission reduction goal requires a wide deployment of novel clean technologies that will enable these sectors to remain competitive at near-zero or even negative CO2 emissions. Carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) is regarded as the least cost-intensive option that could significantly contribute towards achieving the emission reduction targets by 2050. Novel concepts based on CCUS need to be developed that will enable decarbonisation of power, heat, and industrial sectors.

This research project aim to develop, and systematically assess the techno-economic feasibility of, novel CCUS-based concepts that will enable a step-change in decarbonisation of the heat, power, and industrial sectors.

This research project will be conducted within the Clean Power Engineering Centre, the core research activities of which are in design and engineering of advanced energy systems. The academic and research staff in the Centre have strong track records in developing, and assessing the feasibility of, advanced concepts for clean power generation and decarbonisation of carbon-intensive industries.

This research project will enable you to develop an international professional network of contacts through international and national conferences, UKCCSRC meetings, and engagement with the industrial contacts of the research group. From day one, you will be mentored by your supervisors what will enable you to deliver high impact research outputs and publish in top journals in the Energy field.

Throughout this project, you will learn how to perform the techno-economic feasibility assessment, analyse and present complex data, and efficiently disseminate the research outputs. You will also gain a hands-on experience in developing process models using commercial software and developing your own codes as required. Apart from the technical skills, you will also have multiple opportunities to develop your soft-skills, such as presentations and networking, and collaborate with our academic and industrial partners.

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