PhD in Development of Consolidated Composites for High-performance Modular Thermochemical Energy Storage Systems

Supervisors: Dr Adriano Sciacovelli and Prof Yulong Ding

Funding: UK Students, EU Students

This project is an exciting research opportunity for a motivated student to join the Birmingham Centre for Energy Storage (BCES), School of Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham. The Centre has a strong record in fundamental and applied research in thermal energy storage, conversion, transportation, renewable energy systems and next generation technologies for energy demand reduction.

This project will systematically investigate new thermochemical energy storage concepts for long duration heat and cold storage using consolidated composite materials (salt hydrates, hydroxides, zeolites, etc) embedded into efficient storage devices (open, close, cascade, etc.). The advancement of these new storage technologies requires both fundamental and system engineering challenges to be overcome. The candidate will address the development and integration of these thermochemical storage concepts for a variety of heat sources to (i) increase the penetration of renewable heat, (ii) harness waste heat and (iii) increase energy system efficiency.


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