PhD: Integrated Electronics and Sensors in Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium batteries are seeing increasing utilisation in our everyday lives. Furthermore, lithium batteries are playing a key role in vehicle electrification. These commercial batteries are manufactured to a high specification making the cell to cell variation very small. These cells are then assembled in automotive battery packs. The understanding of these battery packs is immature and so to improve understanding we developed ‘smart’ commercial lithium batteries by integrating sensors (stain, thermocouple, optical fibres and reference electrodes). These smart cells once integrated into battery packs give real time information allowing an unparalleled understanding. Furthermore, they may be used to investigate fast charging protocols and ageing.

We seek a talented individual to join our Group and work on instrumentation of commercial cells. The applicant will be expected to become familiar with integrating sensors into live lithium cells.  Furthermore, the applicant must be able to contribute to some of the following objectives:

  • Look to integrate new types of sensors into lithium batteries.
  • Design and develop PCBs with several sensing and communication functions.
  • Determine the best way to fast charge a particular commercial lithium cell.
  • Develop wired and wireless communication methods with the sensors inside cells.

Further details and how to apply here.