PhD: Modelling and Understanding Battery Performance due to Changes in the Manufacturing Processes

This is a challenging and unique PhD opportunity for a student with a good mathematical background interested in applying the knowledge to a rapidly growing area: battery manufacturing. This growth is driven by the need for transport electrification and UK is strengthening this capability through initiatives such as the Faraday Institution and UK Battery Industrialisation Centre.

Mathematical modelling of batteries is critical, for the success of such initiatives, as they allow advanced energy storage systems to be designed. The modelling approaches are however varied, as batteries are multi-scale and multi-physics devices. In order to predict system level performance therefore requires validated models and reliable parameters, but the model parameters are intrinsically related to the battery materials, which in turn are related to the manufacturing processes involved. How these manufacturing processes affect and relate to the model parameters is not well understood and is an open research problem, which this PhD will address. The research will therefore allow influencing of the manufacturing processes to improve system level performance rather than influencing when at an individual cell stage.

By joining WMG, you will be well situated to verify and couple the modelling research with experimentation as WMG has access to excellent facilities for battery development and cell manufacturing. The research complements the Faraday Challenge activity and you will have the opportunity to work and interact with other PhD students working on the Faraday Challenge.

A background and skill set in the following are desired, upon which you will build, to carry out the PhD research successfully: mathematical modelling of dynamical systems (ODE and PDEs), indentifiability of model parameters, optimisation, battery characterisation, manufacturing methods and performing experiments to validate model predictions.

Further details and how to apply here.