PhD: Structured Perovskite Composite Material for Thermal-Electro Energy Conversion System


Dr. Hui Cao

This PhD project aims to develop a novel composite material with porous structure to convert thermal energy into electro-chemical energy (stored in battery).

With the global population swelling and industrialisation on the rise in developing nations, our demand for energy has reached unprecedented level. Electricity from fossil fuel energy domains more than 50% of the market even it raises serious environmental concerns and endures low efficiency. Controversially, huge amount of electricity generated by renewable energy cannot be used by consumers due to its variability and the high costs to compensate that. A revolutionary step is to develop a highly efficient integrated system combining electrochemical storage with thermal energy storage (TES), whilst different source of heat can be store in TES as thermal energy and convert to electricity in demand.

The investigated hybrid system comprises TES modules and a thermal-electro converter (TEC). TES modules store heat at different temperatures. The heat can be from different sources including renewables (solar, wind, tidal and biomass etc), clean fossil fuels, industrial waste heat, and heat generated from off-peak electricity either directly or via heat pumps. TES modules provide heat for TEC which thermally charge batteries using perovskite material through chemical looping. Batteries generate electricity and provide to end user.

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