Research Associate/Fellow in Transformative Green Routes for Energy Storage Materials

The Green Nanomaterials Research Group at the University of Sheffield has an exciting opportunity for someone with a passion for energy storage, looking to use their skills to work on an exciting, EPSRC-funded multidisciplinary project. This project will discover green/sustainable synthesis of industrially relevant energy storage materials. 

Their approach will be based on learning from biological mineralisation, identifying key chemical principles in mineral formation and discovering sustainable routes to Lithium ion batteries (does not involve any biological research). The group has selected Li-Ni-Co-Mn-oxides as a family of target cathode materials. The project will involve the synthesis of the cathode materials using bioinspired approaches, followed by cell fabrication, battery performance measurements and materials characterisation. The project will be associated with the Energy Storage CDT and will have full access to the group’s state-of-the-art battery lab. 

Further details and apply here.