Research Fellow – Fundamental development of Al-S batteries


£29,799 to £32,548 p.a.

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Southampton is looking for a highly motivated research fellow to work on the development and characterisation of sulphur electrodes with advanced structures and compositions for applications in aluminium-sulphur batteries. The project is funded by the H2020 call FET-Open (Future and Emerging Technologies) and involves leading universities and companies in the field (Albufera, TU Graz, DTU Denmark, Leicester, Scionix, CSIC and Southampton). Combining a wide range of expertise (polymer and material sciences, electrochemistry, computational modelling, etc.), the project aims to develop a novel aluminium-sulphur batteries which will outperform lithium-ion batteries in terms of cost, safety and capacity. Southampton is leading the work package on the sulphur electrode development, which aims to develop novel sulphur chemistries and structures based on a rational understanding of the reaction mechanism.

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