Research Fellow in Battery Materials Recycling


£30,395 to £42,036 p.a.

The Birmingham Centre for Strategic Elements and Critical Materials has recently won an Innovate UK project with ICoNiChem, MSolv, Jaguar Land Rover, Circa and Universities of York, Warwick and Birmingham, to investigate the recycling and reuse of materials from lithium ion batteries, called Reclamation and Remanufacture of Ltihium ion batteries; R2LIB.

The postholder will contribute to the development and optimisation of new physical separation routes to recover critical metals (such as lithium and cobalt) from lithium battery wastes as part of the R2LIB project. They will work as part of a multidisciplinary research team with the researchers at the University of Birmingham and with the other industrial and academic partners. They will be investigating the reclamation of the material components from lithium ion batteries, to work alongside the partners providing a materials stream, and to remanufacture lithium ion batteries from the reclaimed materials.

The postholder will work within the R2LIB project and contribute to writing future bids while operating within area of specialism and analyse and interpret research findings and results. They will contribute to generating funding and contribute to licensing or spin out deals with demonstrated commercial success (such as revenues, asset or company sales, IP generated) and/or public understanding of the discipline or similar.

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