Senior PDRA, battery lifetime prediction and warranty assurance


£33,518 to £38,832 p.a.

The Energy Storage Group at Lancaster University is looking to employ a senior research associate to work in an industry-led collaboration project. You will build an interactive digital tool for life-time prediction of batteries based on their design and the expected duty cycles. This tool will be used to support the design of battery packs for electric niche vehicles and to inform warranty assurances for these battery packs.

You will be working in one of the first Innovate UK projects funded within the Faraday Challenge: “UK Niche Vehicle Battery Supply Chain”. The project is led by AGM Batteries Ltd., the UK’s only lithium ion cell manufacturer. Further partners include Warwick Manufacturing Group, Delta Motorsport Ltd., Williams Advanced Engineering Ltd., William Blythe Ltd., and Centre for Process Innovation Ltd. Niche vehicles include sports cars, special cars, off-highway vehicles, buses, marine vehicles, emergency vehicles, etc.

You will build the tool in a co-design process that will involve battery pack designers, warranty experts, and the cell manufacturer, working backwards from their needs. Calculations within the tool will rely on (i) computational battery models, (ii) high-end laboratory tests (high-precision charge counting, differential capacitance, and thermodynamic analyses), and (iii) “traditional” long-term battery cycling using model duty cycles that are typical for the respective vehicles. The major output is quantification of uncertainty for our industry partners. Repeated validation loops on various batches will improve the accuracy of the tool over time, and it will allow further machine learning once in operation, beyond the actual funding period.

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