EngD: Thermal Performance of Automotive Lithium ion Batteries

This is a fantastic opportunity to work with WMG, University of Warwick, the foremost UK facility for battery innovation, research and development, in association with Millbrook, the leading UK vehicle testing facility for the design, engineering and development of automotive and test technology propulsion systems, with a customer base ranging across the automotive, transport, petrochemical and defence industries.

This studentship focuses on investigating the thermal behaviour of Lithium-ion batteries packs. This will involve understanding automotive thermal management systems for batteries and then investigating them on individual lithium ion cells to understand the effect of the thermal load over time. This would be achieved through electrical characterisation during test and then disassembly and materials characterisation post-test. This would then extend into safety testing of automotive batteries at higher temperatures which would include thermal propagation

Above closing date of 1st October is the advertised start date and if interested please follow details to contact WMG here.