About ESRN

The development of energy storage is vital to the UK’s low carbon grid and transport system, helping to ensure new technologies are economical and efficient and supporting the achievement of the UK’s 2050 clean energy targets. The Energy Storage Research Network brings together researchers and stakeholders from throughout the energy sector, at a particularly important time when decisions on future funding and research strategy are still being resolved. The network will help inform national agencies of the key research and technology barriers facing the sector so that available funding and support can be best directed.

About the Energy Storage Research Network

We want the highest impact energy storage research to be identified and undertaken and our goal is to link up that research to end users in industry. We are directly involving energy storage technology developers and integrators, to facilitate knowledge transfer between industry and academia and ensure better informed research. We also seek to raise the profile and impact of energy storage research in the UK, improving national status and international links.

New research collaborations, widening the community, improving networks and developing roadmaps are all part of our vision. We maintain this website, including a calendar for national events, workshops, meetings and seminars, to help improve how the UK energy storage research community works together. We are working directly with major initiatives such as the Supergen Energy Storage Consortium and the Grand Challenge programmes in transport and grid-scale energy storage to help achieve our goals.

If you would like to be notified of job and funding opportunities, news and events, then please contact us or become a member.

The Energy Storage Research Network is directed by Professor Nigel Brandon of Imperial College London and managed by Dr Jacqueline Edge, with the support of Dr Greg Offer and Dr Vladimir Yufit.