Changeover of ESRN to Supergen Energy Storage Network+

Dear ESRN members,
We are pleased to announce that the management of the ESRN network has moved over to the new Supergen Energy Storage Network+, led by Professor Yulong Ding from the University of Birmingham. If you would like any further information on how you can become involved with the Supergen Network+ please contact Dr Antzela Fivga who is responsible for managing the Supergen Network+. Please note that this email address ([email protected]) is closed.
The Supergen Network+ has secured £1M in funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and has a core partnership of 19 investigators from 12 UK institutions, all focused on the wider advancement, exchange and dissemination of energy storage expertise. The Supergen Network+ will generate a number of outputs and activities aiming to advance energy storage research by bringing together stakeholders across the whole energy community. More information can be found on our new website.

Currently subscribed ESRN members have been transferred over to the Supergen Network+, so we can make sure that you remain part of the UK energy storage community. This means that you will be receiving the Supergen Network+ newsletter, as well as events and news relative to the energy storage community.
The current email address and ESRN LinkedIn account will be shortly deactivated. The Supergen Network+ contact details for future queries can be found below.
Dr Antzela Fivga

University of Birmingham


Birmingham B15 2TT

United Kingdom
twitter: ukenergystorage
Dear ESRN Members,
This is my opportunity to say goodbye and thank you to all of you, who have supported our network over the years. I am confident that the new team will maintain the same (probably better!) standards. If anyone is looking for me, specifically, then please contact me on [email protected]. I am now a Faraday Institution Project Leader, working on Multiscale Modelling of Li-ion Batteries, but I am also still actively working within the Energy Storage research community.
Dr. Jacqueline Edge
Multiscale Modelling Project Manager
Room 409, Dept. Mechanical Engineering
Imperial College London
London SW7 2AZ
Tel: +44 (0)20 7594 5803