IEA Storage Annex 36 Industry Workshop – Carnot Batteries

Want to know more about CarnotBatteries technology?

Meet the experts from Climeon, Echogen Power Systems, Enolcon, Highview Power, Kelvin Thermotech, Malta Inc, MAN Energy Solutions, Steinmuller, at University of Birmingham on 27th March.

About Carnot Batteries

Carnot Batteries have the potential to solve the global storage problem of renewable electricity in a more economic and environmentally friendly way than conventional batteries.The basic technological principle of a Carnot Battery is to transform (A) electricity into thermal energy, (B) store the thermal energy and (C) transform the thermal energy back to electricity. As plenty of technological possibilities exist, the proposed concepts are divers, as are the targeted sizes and applications.

Why an Industry workshop on Carnot Batteries?

The objective of the industry workshop is to introduce the Carnot Batteryconcept to potential user groups in the industry, as well as policy makers, and to discuss together the technical requirements and regulatory needs for the implementation of this technology.

Who can attend?

Professionals, executives and policy makers from both public and private sectors who are involved in R&I activities about smart grids, sustainable electricity and energy storage integration in the power system are invited to attend this workshop.