Emerging Markets Analyst (UK)

Highview Power is an award winning, privately-owned London-based business that specialises in the development of a novel technology for the storage of energy using cryogenic fluids such as liquid air as an energy vector.

Cryogenic Energy Storage systems combine mature components from the industrial gases and power generation industries and are ideal for grid scale applications such as:

  • Renewable integration through development of long-term storage solutions.
  • Transmission and distribution network infrastructure deferral.
  • Support to large scale fast charging station.
  • Security of supply through capacity market.
  • Ancillary services including synchronous inertia, dynamic reactive power and short circuit infeed.

The Emerging Markets Analyst will be responsible for understanding market conditions for energy storage facilities in Emerging energy markets to inform the development of solutions for potential clients. This will require holding regular discussions with members from Highview’s Business Development and Engineering teams.

This role will involve following the development and implementation of policy and regulation for storage and renewable energy. In addition, the Emerging Markets Analyst will be responsible for supporting the development of business cases for energy storage solutions by preparing cost estimates and delivering of high-quality techno-economic reports and conducting discussions with the customers analyst team to understand their drivers and communicate Highview Power value model.

Highview Power will provide the successful candidate with training and development opportunities, competitive salary and bonus….and the chance to be a part of building a cleaner, greener, better future for everyone.

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