PDRA – Hydrogen Storage in Subsurface


33,199 to £39,609 p.a.

We are seeking an ambitious and motivated Post-Doctoral Research Associate (PDRA) to undertake experimental and numerical modelling investigations into the fundamental processes associated with the geological storage of hydrogen. You will be part of the EPSRC funded HyStorPor (Hydrogen Storage in Porous Rocks) project, which aims to develop the fundamental understanding of hydrogen flow and geochemical properties, up-scaled to the storage reservoir and coupled with public engagement, to set the scientific foundation for hydrogen storage in porous rock, and increase the possibility of a low/zero-carbon version of our current hydrocarbon-based energy system. You will be part of a team of investigators and researchers undertaking field scale modelling and public perception studies, with your findings providing vital input data to the numerical simulation of hydrogen injection, storage and withdrawal.

This position will investigate the fundamental processes of the geological storage of hydrogen and includes: (i) Literature, experimental and modelling studies into the chemical reactions between hydrogen, brine, minerals and microbes of the reservoir that could compromise the storage reservoir integrity and recovery efficiency (ii) Experimental and modelling characterisation of the mass transfer properties of hydrogen through porous rock (and cushion gasses) during multiple injection and withdrawal cycles and (ii) experimental investigations to assess caprock integrity to hydrogen.

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