RA – 3D printing of energy storage devices


£34,397 to £46,499 p.a.

Applications are invited for a Research Associate position funded by the ERC-Consolidator grant “3DAddChip” that will design miniaturized devices using a three-dimensional printing technique. Deterministic assembly of 2D materials in three-dimensional miniaturized structures is paramount for the fabrication of new small-scale devices to serve in on-chip technologies. This is a new manufacturing challenge, as miniaturization is currently developed to achieve planar-geometries. Three-dimensional printing allows templating materials with arbitrary complexity at different scales. The Mattevi group has developed a general strategy to formulate highly concentrated, water-based 2D material inks suitable for printing functional 3D architectures in miniaturized scales. This Research Associate position will fabricate devices at small scales for energy storage, using advanced three-dimensional printing techniques. S/he will test the devices and will work on materials-devices design.

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